Specializing in opioid addiction treatment & heroin addiction treatment. Top 3 best rated addiction treatment centers!

Offering Medication Assisted Treatment in our Suboxone (& other buprenorphine) and methadone clinic.


Hear what our clients say about our treatment success vs other failed treatment experiences.  Our opioid addition treatment  and heroin addiction treatment is one of the best in Oklahoma. Able Recovery gets results. Rated one of the TOP 3 Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in Oklahoma City, we are the ONLY one specializing in opioid addiction treatment and heroin addiction treatment. Our methadone clinic succeeds where other methadone clinics and Suboxone clinics have failed. If you are ready to get free from opiate addiction or any other addiction, call us 405-605-4005!

Call 405-605-4005 now for the best Heroin Addiction Treatment & Opioid Addiction Treatment in Oklahoma City!


It takes time, patience, and hard work, but you can do it – you can overcome your drug addiction problems. Our science-based best clinical practices and caring support succeed where others may have failed. We specialize in opioid addition treatment  and heroin addiction treatment, including a methadone clinic and buprenorphine medication assiisted treatment like Suboxone.

At Able Recovery, you will be surrounded by the support of a professional staff that has your best interest in mind. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure you overcome your addiction, including opioid addiction and heroin addiction. If other opioid addiction treatment  and heroin addiction treatment experiences have failed, try Able Recovery.  If you haven’t, try the best first.

Don’t give up! Find out why our opioid addiction treatment and heroin addiction treatment is unsurpassed. If you’re ready to get free form opiate addiction or any other addiction call us today. Our methadone clinic is not like any other! When you are really ready for a new life, we are here to help – and do, everyday!

Same Day Appointment

We typically have same-day appointment availability.  Call us at 405-605-4005  to speak to someone in our office for scheduling assistance.

Variety of Payment Options

We accept Medicaid and SoonerCare.

Only $63/week if self-pay

Best Outcomes

All new patients receive a complimentary consultation to establish a personalized care plan.

Specialized Opioid & Heroin Addiction Treatment

  • Physicians
  • Therapists
  • Nurses
  • 5 Phases of Treatment
  • Scientifically Proven Methods
  • Best Outcomes (changed lives!)
  • Warm & Caring Staff

Best Clinical Practices

Able Recovery uses the best in clinical practices, proven by scientific research, to get the best results – even when past treatment has failed. Combined with our warm and caring treatment, lives are CHANGED.

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Contact Us

Able Recovery
4901 S Pennsylvania
Oklahoma City, OK 73119

Mon-Fri: 5:00 am – 1:00 pm
Sat: 6:00 am – 8:30 am dosing hours
Sun: Closed

+1 405-605-4005

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