Opioid & Heroin Addiction Treatment Process

Able Recovery’s mission is to provide personalized, high-quality, evidenced-based best practice care toward getting the optimum outcomes, the best results for our opioid addiction treatment and heroin addiction treatment consumers. Regardless of how many failed treatment experiences the drug dependent person has experienced, our clients are experiencing recovery through the Able Recovery specialized opioid addiction, heroin addiction, heroin addiction treatment in Oklahoma City. Able Recovery medication assisted treatment and methadone clinic that provides medication to manage opiate withdrawal symptoms and cravings while treating the underlying addiction to promote a stable recovery you can count upon.

Able Recovery utilizes the research evidence-based  best practice Medication Assisted Treatment, While many providers are now using medications the difference that gets results for opiate addiction treatment includes:

  1. Effective medication regimen to manage opioid withdrawals and cravings on an outpatient basis without disturbing home life or job.  We have convenient before work or school hours for minimal disruption.  And there is no waiting list for inpatient detox or rehab.
  2. Intensive Psychotherapy in an evidence-based best practice stage-wise treatment, matching where the substance dependent person is in their stage of change with the most effective treatment, across 5 phases of treatment. Counseling is key at Able Recovery.
  3. Bio-Psycho-Social Approach – Consumers are not discharged until they are stabilized in each aspect of their lives in a supported, recovery-oriented manner.
  4. Clinical Accountability – It is well documented in research that those suffering from addiction suffer from wide swings in their levels of motivation, depending upon their stage of recovery, life circumstances, relational issues, etc.  Clinical accountability assists our consumers in making positive choices when their motivation is waning for recovery. Getting past these brief moments makes all the difference in which track they pursue from that point forward.

Our integrated approach, using the best practices in each area, achieves the best results for opioid addiction, heroin addiction, heroin addiction treatment.

Science-Based – SAMHSA evidence-based best practices

  • Medical management of withdrawal and cravings, maintaining their home, job, family, etc., in an outpatient setting.
  • Physician & nursing services.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Licensed therapists utilizing best clinical practices.
  • 5 phases of treatment to graduate the client into progressive stages of a recovery-oriented lifestyle along a BioPsychoSocial approach to wellness.

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